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Howto Kiss on a First Date


Imagine goingon a first date and having a great time at the movies or during dinner.After all the fun and niceties, you may come across a point in timethat necessitates a punctuation mark – a sort of closure to theevening, a mark to show that the night was great and that you shouldsee each other more often.

In this culture, more often than not, that punctuation mark is a nicegoodnight kiss. Good night kisses are a species of their own. They areso much unlike kisses between couples or between friends. They are asort of gauge that will, in a way tell how well you two blend together– and could very well dictate where you are headedto.

Step 1: Timing
The real ingredient to making that first smooch count is timing. And,as in many other fields of expertise, in kissing, timing is everything.This is especially true when you are taking a person out for a date thefirst time. In a nutshell, you do not want to rush the person, nor doyou want to miss out on an opportunity.

Find a time when you are both comfortable. It should be an ambience andmood that is private and relaxed. It should be a time when all theexpectations from the whole night – of enjoyment, presumably – build upto boiling point.

While it would be quite unfair to say that you will have to rely on alittle intuition on this one, this is exactly what the advice will be.Just keep in mind that the kiss is supposed to be the punctuation mark,or the ellipses to the evening, and maybe even a question mark, if thesituation is appropriate.

Step 2:Physical Preparation
You may have heard about all the cracks about nervous dater whooversplurge on cologne and mouthwash in an effort to prepare for a bignight? Well, it is funny because it is true. Before any date, youshould be well-prepared for any contingency – and any intimacy for thatmatter.

Before a big date, make sure you at least keep your hygiene up to par.Don’t shower in cologne, if that is what you are thinking. Just keep itclean. Enough mouthwash, your trusty deodorant, and some goodfragrance.

Don’t overdo the cologne/perfume since some people are allergic toextreme odors, and some may be sensitive to too much cologne/perfume.Just keep it smooth and balanced.

And, for mercy’s sake, don’t go on a garlic eating spree before a bigdate – stay away from burritos for that matter. You will want to keepyour breath as fresh as a baby’s during the whole of the night. And forextra protection, don’t forget to take some mints to keep your breathfresh throughout the date.

And as for your lips, you will want to keep your chops well-greased forthe date to come. If your lips are chapped and dry you may want to takepreventive action and get some Vaseline or some lip balm for the job.

Step 3:Getting Intimate
You will never get a first-date kiss going if you are not able to breakthe intimate area of your date. Every person has varying ‘areas,’ so tospeak of. These areas tell you how comfortable the person is with you.

There are areas that you subconsciously allow people to approachdepending on their relation to you. First, there is the public area,which is pretty much the span of a large auditorium.

There is a stranger area, which is the amount of space you put betweenyou and a stranger. This is usually two to three meters away from yourbody.

Closest to a person is the intimate area which is a few feet from aperson. This is where you want to be. Just make sure you hurdle all theother steps one at a time. Make sure that the person is comfortable asyou enter closer areas.

Only when you are able to bridge this area will you have any realisticchance to get a good night kiss going.

Step 4: Makeit Count
You will probably only get one chance to plant one during the date.Make it count. You don’t really have to worry about technique – whetheryou are doing the right thing with your lips or anything. Just makesure you make the whole experience count.

Make sure you have everything in the right time, the right amount andthe right way. You don’t have to make it sophisticated. Make it simple,sincere, and maybe short – depending on the night’s experience – andyou would have probably made a memory that will last a lifetime.

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