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The Top 10 Kissing Tips You Can Start Using Today


Believe it or not, how you kiss on that specific moment that you lean over your date could very well dictate just how you and your partner would get to spend the night, together or not together. 

This one moment over-writes all the facts of  everything that happened on the date prior to the kiss.  Who cares if the dinner was good.  The detail of that joke you both went head over heels for has long been forgotten. 

Now, the topic of the moment is that kiss that could possibly make or break the rest of the evening’s potential for wink-wink. 

The kiss should be good, if not great, it must be perfect.  The following are basic tips and advice for that one good kiss to end all the other mediocre kisses out there.

Take advantage of the environment you are in

The place you are in does not need to be perfect in order to have that equally perfect kiss.  Sometimes, all you need to do is make the location right for you. 

Be open to possibilities as well as any opportunities.  These usually present themselves in a way that is least expected.  Try to take as much advantage of these momentous opportunities.  Who knows, this may be the occasion you are waiting for.

Seize the day

That afternoon in the park,  that moment near the shore during sunset, or that red stop light during traffic may be the perfect moment for you to kiss your partner.  Time is always essential.  Make good use of it. 

Use your hand

Although it is the lips that do most of the kiss-work, the hand would just as play an  essential part in making the kiss work to your advantage.  Where the hand is placed during kissing – and this applies to both you and your partner – is important.  Hands could be used to caress your partner’s face.  This is not only romantic, it is erotic as well.

Be energetic

Be aware though that this does not mean that your kiss would be something similar to what is seen in a soap opera.  A kiss that is deep and passionate is similarly important as it makes your partner feel that your partner is the only one that makes your world turn.  And that is great motivation for a good and lasting kiss.
Moan a little

It would not hurt if you let out a little moan now would it.  Check yourself.  If the moment seems ripe for expressing a sultry and attention-calling, if not an erotic-inducing, moan, go do it.   Let your lips get close to each other, then slowly and gently press your lips to that of your partner.  

Kiss your partner everywhere

This basically means that kisses need not be given anywhere you and your partner is.  Instead, this means that kisses should be placed not just in the mouth, but could also be on the cheeks, the earlobes, the eyes.

Believe it or not, kisses could also be given way down the face, for instance such as the neck, the shoulders, collarbone, on the wrists or the hands.    Doing such kisses basically express how much you desire your partner. 

Do not forget to brush your teeth

Kissing is best done when the mouth tastes fresh and when the teeth is clean.  Before kissing, it is best that your teeth and your mouth be brushed and mouthwashed.  Imagine how it feels like to kiss a very clean mouth compared to a mouth that seems straight out of a can of garbage.

Kiss while you are both seated

A good kiss is given when partners are comfortable with each other and when they are in a comfortable position.  It helps to be seated.  It is advisable that kissing be done on a sofa.  A love seat would be great, but any other comfy place would always be preferable.  

Do not forget to hold each other

Touching each other always helps.  This could be done in a manner that is firm yet gentle.  Be reminded that this should cause unnecessary pain.

It would be best that you hold your partner’s shoulders, or neck in a gentle manner.  It is also erotic, not to mention romantic, to hold your partner’s face.

Move a little bit closer

Kissing is best works when both partners are near each other.  So go ahead and move close to your partner.  Just make sure you give each other a bit of space to breathe.  Try not to suffocate each other.

All in all, kissing is good if you know what you are doing.  These tips may be of help to those who are kissingly-challenged.

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