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Understanding The Art Of Kissing


People generally react to their thoughts by smiling and express their love by way of sweet words and their intentions by kissing, says a psychology expert. A kiss in fact, can impart and mean a lot of things that are usually hard to express with words.

Locking both your lips is all about chemistry, that naturally comes out and an art as well as a highly personal and individual expression of love and affection.  

According to experts, two individuals kiss for the reason that they are attempting to fulfill a desire or yearning within them; this desire is natural, the same way as your need for body
nourishment or food.  This craving is instinctive, an art that can not be “taught”.

A person, on average spends around 20,000 minutes in his lifetime just kissing. In fact, studies show that kissing continuously for at least a minute burns around 26 calories and kissing helps to prevent tooth decay as well as prevent early facial skin sagging.

A “first kiss” must be done always when you two are alone as this helps avoid embarrassing situations and unnecessary nervousness.

The most perfect kiss generally is one done with somebody you really do care about. Remember, there is much sincerity and caring in kissing someone special compared to kissing somebody you even hardly know.

Basic tips when kissing:

1.    Make sure your breath smells great.  Keep in mind that this is extremely important. So do make certain that you “brush your teeth” well and use a mouthwash before you go out on a date.

Also, keep a mint gum handy, should you have dinner first before kissing.  Chew the gum right after your meal, but do keep in mind to throw it before you kiss. Never have anything in your “mouth’ while kissing.  

2.    Remember to moisten your lips.  Slightly moistened lips will make your lips easier to shift over your mate's and offers you both a more pleasurable experience.
Just slightly moisten your lips with a lip balm, but do be careful not to overdo it or just run your “tongue” sideways on top of your lips just once to moisten it a bit before kissing.

Never wear a lip gloss since it is likely to make act of kissing too gooey. Likewise, do not wear a too much lipstick because you can pass this onto your mate.
3.    Close your eyes.  Closing your eye just before you kiss creates an impression that you really are deeply feeling the kiss. Some prefer opening their eyes during kissing, but until that you are aware what your mate like better, it is always best that you close your “eyes”.

On the other hand, opening your eyes and looking into your mate’s eyes while kissing, is considered very erotic by some people and they find it enjoyable. 

You can try kissing with eyes open when you are already very comfortable with your mate.

3.    Kiss with feelings.  Feel your kiss as you impart it to your mate, at the same time, feel your mate’s emotions as you receive the kiss.  This will result to a more intimate relationship with your mate. 

Here are some kinds of kiss

1.    The “all over” kind of kiss.  This starts with a very gentle kiss usually landing on your mate’s forehead then slowly moving down to the eyes and gently pressing them so to shut.

Then, moving slowly down again to your mate’s nose, in order to deliver tenderly your kiss to the lips; as if surveying on, using your imagination, create that awaiting of enthusiasm for your mate.

2.    The angel kiss.  This kind of kiss is coupled with touch of tenderness, kissing tenderly on your mate’s eyelids and lips then offering a very comforting, sweet and assuring feeling.

3.    The french kiss.  Among all types of kisses, this is the well accepted. This is an open-mouthed kind of kiss that involves your tongue going “in and out” of your mate’s mouth and touching your mate’s tongue as your mate perform the same act.

4.    The surprise kiss.  This type usually occurs during the act of french kissing, as you feel your mate’s tongue in your mouth and you gently suck it, to catch your mate unaware, resulting to a bit of surprise.

5.    The wake up type of kiss. This type of kiss is done when you want to wake up your mate in the morning.  There is no technique involved, but it is a great way to say “good morning”.

There is really no right way and wrong way when it comes to kissing. Just keep in mind that everyone kisses differently as well as different individuals favor to be kissed in different ways. “Kissing is an art” and an excellent kisser can definitely make your mate want you more.

Kissing tips and advice for your first kiss

First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

The top 10 kissing tips you can start using today

Believe it or not, how you kiss on that specific moment that you lean over your date could very well dictate just how you and your partner would get to spend the night, together or not together. 

How to Kiss on a First Date

Imagine going on a first date and having a great time at the movies or during dinner. After all the fun and niceties, you may come across a point in time that necessitates a punctuation mark – a sort of closure to the evening, a mark to show that the night was great and that you should see each other more often.

The Top 10 french kissing techniques

Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking.

Hot Kissing Tips for a Breathtaking and Pulse-Racing Kiss

While tender kisses are incredibly romantic, sometimes, we dream of sizzling passion and incredible excitement for our lives and those are the moments when we yearn for scorching hot kisses.

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