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French Kissing Secrets Revealed


While many kisses can convey different meanings, French kissing almost always have sexual connotations and are never used to express fondness between family members. French kissing is also known as tongue kissing, tongue wrestling, tonsil hockey and snogging.

Maybe You’re Just Not Doing it Right
Before we get deeper in discussing French kissing secrets to improve your technique, maybe what you truly need is just a simple reorientation. Maybe, you took lessons from the wrong mentor and you’ve been French kissing the wrong way as well all these years.

Step 1 Clean and Tasty
Make sure that you brush and floss
your teeth prior to any date. And since there’s a chance – and we can always hope – that you could find a magnificent man or woman willing to date you at short notice, you should always clean your teeth every time you leave your home and after eating. Use a mouthwash as well to keep your breath sweeter smelling. Keep a pack of breath mints with you for cases when you are unable to brush your teeth.

Step 2 Start Normal
Don’t let your tongue sweep inside right away. Begin with a normal kiss – by letting your lips touch.

Step 3 Make the Swoop
When you’ve been kissing for some time already, that’s when you are permitted to persuade your partner to open her mouth by nudging her lips with your tongue. And when she finally does, let your tongue sweep inside very slowly – you can be passionate and aggressive only when both of you are relatively comfortable with each other already.

Step 4 Be Sensitive to Your Partner’s Feelings
Your partner will communicate her desire to continue or stop the kiss with subtle body movements. Be alert for these signals because stopping too early or too late can easily ruin the mood.

How Wet is Wet
French kisses are generally wet because they involve a lot of tongue play. And though it’s a bit icky to discuss this in plain terms, your saliva and his do mix while French kissing so it’s inevitable for you to feel a little wet – little, being the operative word however. French kisses that are a bit wet are totally different from sloppy French kisses! The best way to prevent too liquid kisses is to start out with dry lips. Avoid licking lips as foreplay in this case. Secondly, don’t forget to swallow or the saliva in your mouths will pour out in disgusting depths.

Don’t Forget to Breathe!
Since you’re locked mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue, it is going to be a bit difficult to breathe while French kissing. And though you can take a deep breath prior to French kissing the way a swimmer does before diving underwater, inhaling and puffing your cheeks are not exactly a romantic way to start kissing. The best way out of this dilemma is not to let the kiss last too long. When you’re running out of breath, gently pry away then breathe slowly but deeply on the side of your partner’s face so she won’t know that you’re suffering from temporary respiratory problems. When your natural oxygen level has been restored, get back to the game right away.

War on the Tongues are Prohibited
Letting your tongue constantly act aggressive the other is a good path to tread on if you’re trying to make a list of 10 Wrong Ways to Kiss a Guy (or girl). Aggression is normally acceptable but only in rare circumstances and usually in long relationships.

Who Takes the Lead?
Sometimes, French kissing can be a problem when both of you want to take the lead. It’s important to reach a compromise so that you can enjoy kissing better. Sometimes, guys want their girls more active while others prefer a passive partner. It’s just a matter of finding the right partner – and not the right French kissing technique – in this case.

Angling the Heads
Your noses could end up bumping each other – especially if your noses are both particularly high-bridged – and ruining a perfect moment for French kissing. To prevent this from happening, practice kissing with your heads inclined in opposite sides. This position will allow your noses to enjoy a healthy distance from each other while your mouths and tongues remain passionately locked.

Lastly, French kissing can only work for two people enjoying sexual chemistry. If there’s none, no amount of French kissing prowess will make the kiss enjoyable!

Kissing tips and advice for your first kiss

First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

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The Top 10 french kissing techniques

Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking.

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