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The Top 10 French Kissing Techniques


Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking. 

However, even if it is called a French kiss, it is not only the French who are doing it. 

Do what the French do, kiss and tongue

So even if you are not French, just how should a French kiss be done?  The following are basic tips and advice to make that French kiss a perfect one for you and your partner.

First things first, when kissing, just relax

It is not rocket science.  Ideally, and as it should be, French kissing should be done between two consenting adults who like to have their tongues exercised now and then. 

Therefore, kissing should be done in a relaxed manner.  No sense being too worked up on the act of kissing.  Doing it in this manner makes both partners involved in it appear stiff and mechanical.  Kissing is best done when it is in a carefree manner.  A relaxed mindset helps focus on the tongue and the lips, and letting go of both to help each achieve kiss bliss.

When kissing, open your mind and your mouth

Lips, when French kissing, should be parted ever so slightly.  Mouth should be opened but not too wide.  You are not yawning.  You are not going to the dentist.  You are going to kiss.  Open your lips and move with the emotions.

Position is the key

It is best that when kissing, do not let both your faces be in dead front of each other.  If you do so, both of your noses will get to touch.  This is a great  distraction and really does not achieve anything you would like a French kiss to be. 

Let your head move on a particular side so that your noses will not get in the way of your kissing.  Tilt your head to one side and let your partner’s head go to the other side.  Ultimately, your mouths will get to meet after which go and kiss to your heart’s content.

Believe it or not, your mouth will instinctively open and your tongue will - on its own – squirm in delight.

The tongue-minator

The tongue is a relevant aspect of French kissing.  When kissing, let your tongue stick out a bit past your own teeth.  As much as possible, do not stick all your tongue out.   Unless you have the intention of making fun of your partner – or yourself.  Your tongue should be stuck out enough for it to enter the mouth of your partner. 
After which, let your tongue circle the tip of your partner’s tongue.  Then, go with the flow.  If your partner wants to flick tongues with you, go flick each others tongue.  Or your partner’s tongue would want to explore your mouth, let it.  Or go do the same. 

The important thing is to let your tongue move and act.  As much as possible, never let it do nothing.

Your mouth’s best friend:  the toothbrush

Before kissing, it is best that your teeth and your mouth be brushed and mouthwashed fresh and clean.  This makes kissing a very comfortable and convenient act. Imagine how it feels like to kiss a very clean mouth compared to a mouth that seems straight out of a garbage truck.

Kiss sitting down

It helps to be in a position that is comfortable.  It is advisable that kissing be done on a sofa.  A love seat would be great, but a comfy place would always be preferable.  Sit with each other, side by side.

Hold each other

Touching each other helps.  This could be done in a manner that is firm but gentle.  This should not in any way cause unnecessary pain.  It would be best that you hold your partner’s shoulders, or neck in a gentle manner.  It is also erotic, not to mention romantic, to hold your partner’s face.

Move closer

Kissing is always done when both partners are near each other.  So go and move close to your partner.  Just make sure you give each other a bit of space to breathe.  Do not suffocate each other.

Close your eyes and feel the kiss

Kiss each other in a gentle manner.  A kiss with lips closed is fine, if your mouth wants to open itself eventually, then let it open.  A kiss with the eyes closed increases the kiss’ sensation and just as well sets the romantic, if not erotic, mood.

All in all, a kiss is a kiss is a kiss.  Give it sincerely, deliciously and deliriously.

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