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Hot Kissing Tips for a Breathtaking
and Pulse-Racing Kiss


While tender kisses are incredibly romantic, sometimes, we dream of sizzling passion and incredible excitement for our lives and those are the moments when we yearn for scorching hot kisses. Never let the spark die out in your relationship. It’s always important to keep the romance as thrilling as the first time your lips have touched. It’s equally important to be able to give a red-hot kiss on your first date – if you get to kiss your partner that is – because it will ensure a second date.

Can You Say Ice Cold?

While coldness can be sometimes synonymous to frigidity, in other instances, a cold kiss can be extremely
sensual and breathtaking. In this particular kiss, place a small block of ice in your mouth while making sure that your partner’s unaware of what you’re doing. Let your icy breath make goosebumps on your partner’s skin as you slowly kiss his or her neck. No live and breathing person will remain untouched or indifferent after that!

There is another kissing technique that uses ice to excite their partners. This time around, your objective is to be able to pass the ice to your partner with the use of kisses or your tongue. You’ll find this kiss absolutely wonderful and fun at the same time!

From the Bottom to the Top

Most kisses began from one’s head down to their very toes. This time, you’ll introduce a little variety to your kissing session and start kissing your partner from the bottom. Take your time and linger on each sensitive spot of your partner. Feet, knees and the stomach are common parts of the body that are highly sensitive to touch. As you slowly inch your way to the top, your partner’s passion will no doubt reach frustrating heights. Be sure to kiss the lips the last but give it all you’ve got. Don’t blame your partner when he or she feels a little dizzy afterwards. It’s the proof of your kissing prowess, that’s all.

Be Romantic for a Day

Nowadays, the demanding pace of our careers and the pressing needs of our families tend to make us ignore our relationship. Hence, it’s important once in a while to deviate from our usual kissing modes and make our partners second-guess our motives or yearn for our touch. One good example of doing that is by being romantic for a day.

Start by letting your partner wake up alone and without a morning kiss to help him or her get by. Then, send periodic notes to wherever your partner is the whole day (it’s important to keep abreast of your partner’s schedule for this day). The notes may be original or copied but what’s important is that all of them must be related to kissing. The notes must be so sensually provocative that your partner – and you yourself – will be able to think nothing but kissing.

And at the end of the day, choose the best time to surprise your partner and with you looking your very best. Say those three little words softly and then just grab him – or sweep her in your arms – and give your partner the best kiss of his or her life.

Hair is all that Matters

Touching and gripping the hair can alternately give the sense of urgency in a kiss and make it more exciting and passionate. As you start kissing your partner, let your fingers slowly travel to the hair near your partner’s nape. As you feel more and more passionate, grip your partner’s hair and twist his head to and fro each side, letting him know that you simply can’t get enough of his kisses! After all, there’s nothing more erotic than knowing that the person you’re kissing is into kissing you as well.

Nothing Pornographic But…

Not all of us are open to kissing in public but the idea that there is someone watching us can be wildly exciting. If you feel uncomfortable, however, about kissing in full view of other people, consider kissing in front of a video camera and having it recorded. Having the lens of a camera focus on you is almost like having pairs of eyes trained on your every move. And because those are just cameras, you won’t feel as inhibited as you probably should be.

No matter how good you are at kissing, there are times that the chemistry just isn’t there. There’s no one to blame in such cases so just move on and find another date whose kissing preferences are compatible with yours.

Kissing tips and advice for your first kiss

First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

The top 10 kissing tips you can start using today

Believe it or not, how you kiss on that specific moment that you lean over your date could very well dictate just how you and your partner would get to spend the night, together or not together. 

How to Kiss on a First Date

Imagine going on a first date and having a great time at the movies or during dinner. After all the fun and niceties, you may come across a point in time that necessitates a punctuation mark – a sort of closure to the evening, a mark to show that the night was great and that you should see each other more often.

The top 10 french kissing techniques

Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking.

Understanding The Art Of Kissing

People generally react to their thoughts by smiling and express their love by way of sweet words and their intentions by kissing, says a psychology expert. A kiss in fact, can impart and mean a lot of things that are usually hard to express with words.

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