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10 Things That You Must Know Before Kissing A Boy


A kiss expresses so many emotions such as lust, love, sadness, or finality; it can also be polite, cute, passionate, invitational or aloof, depending to its true attitude and intention. Experts agree that kisses often tell the actual truth regarding your mate right form the first kiss.

Simply put, kisses always reveal your mate’s true intention and nature as well as it reveal your own true nature and intentions.

According to experts, men usually think of kissing latino dating as a “means to an end”; an essential but playful step towards sex. On the other hand, women are inclined to think about kissing as an occurrence
“unto itself”.

With this in mind, most boys who are taking the time in order to be thoughtful, good and passionate kissers usually become much better lovers. And girls who are conscious of this understand that kissing can open doors which can lead to actions not intended.

Here are guidelines before you kiss a boy:

1.    Give proper attention to oral hygiene.  This means that you brush your teeth and tongue and use a mouth wash before heading off for a date.

Have a manicure and pedicure to make sure your nails are clean.  Likewise, keep a breath freshener spray handy always and use it after eating or anytime that you feel you need it.

2.    Smell and dress good.  Put on a lovely dress and a good scent of perfume after your bath.  Be neat, making sure that your dress, shoes, purse and accessories complement with each other.  If you are wearing stockings, check on them before you go to make sure there are no “runs”.  Remember, you want to impress him and as the saying goes: “first impression always lasts”.

3.    Be your best self. Talk about interesting topics but at the same time ask him questions to let him feel that you are interested also in what his opinions are.  
Keep in mind, never talk about your past relationships.  You are here to enjoy and he is not your psychiatrist. 

4.    Listen and be interested. Guys generally like girls who do not dominate the conversation, because they want to be given the opportunity or the chance to stand out as far as you are concerned by telling you his stories.

Likewise, when you allow him to talk, this offers you the opportunity to really know him and gather enough information regarding his likes and dislikes.

5.    Maintain moist lips.  Bring along your lip balm but use it sparingly.  Likewise, do not overdo your lipstick.  Note that chapped, dry and dull lips are very untidy to look at, much worse to kiss.

6.    Let him know that you are comfortable with him by laughing at his jokes and when he touches you casually, touch him back.

7.    Smile when you agree.  Every time that he shows interest in you and interest in toughing you, look at him straight in the eye and if you want him to touch you, then flash a smile.  This way, you are conveying to him that it is ok for him to caress you and show intimacy through touching.

8.    Flirt with him.  Of course you only will flirt if you like the guy.  Start by casually touching him, tapping his thighs and if you see or notice certain admirable characteristics, do admire him, but be careful not to embarrass him.

9.    Be responsive to his actions.  Whenever you feel that he is leading the way for kissing, and you believe that the moment is right, then every act that he makes, respond to it either by reciprocating his actions or just by smiling.

10.    When he tries to kiss you, close your eyes and really feel his kiss.  Likewise, caress his hair and more importantly, let him lead you and never the other way around. This will give him the feeling that he is in control and he will like it.

Your “first kiss” with your new date always will bring a little surprise. It will be at a certain point a bit awkward because you both are still learning about one another. Never fear, this is just a portion of a wonderful process.


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