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10 Things You Must Know Before Kissing A Girl


Did you know kissing is in fact good for the health?  Experts revealed that kissing can effectively lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

But even more to that, kissing is considered by many girls as the “starting point” or foundation of sexual intimacy; reason why the manner on how the kiss middle aged dating was or is being performed is very important.

According to a recent survey, about 60 percent of American girls prefer kissing more than sex.  So here are things that you must know before kissing a girl:
1.    Make sure you have nice smelling breath.  No matter how cute or how
handsome you are, you are a turn-off if you have bad breath.  So before a date, always brush your teeth and gargle with a strong mouth wash.

Also, bring a toothbrush and a mint gum along.  Should you eat during a date, remember to excuse yourself right after eating so you can brush your teeth and chew a gum.

2.    Shave.  Before you go out on a date, be sure to shave.  A neat and well shaved face is always a turn-on to girls.  And besides, those little hairs when rubbed on a girls face will often irritate her face and brings about itchiness that leads to uncomfortable kissing.

3.    Smell good. Girls love a guy that smells good. However, do not use too much cologne or strong after shave, use a mild scent and just enough for her to get a hint of your smell when you move closer to her.

4.    Make sure your lips are moist and in great shape.  Dry, chapped and rough lips can ruin a kiss.  Make sure you always have a lip balm handy.

5.    Stay and keep her comfortable, show that you can be trusted.  Talk to her to and listen.  Make her feel that you are willing and interested to all her thoughts and accepts her for what and who she is. 

As a result as your date goes from simply talking, to holding hands, to hugging, these transformations must not be sudden, threatening and scary. They must be transformations that both of you are very comfortable as well as you both enjoy.

6.    Start by casually touching her.  Every girl has her own “personal space” build around them and if you go right in without warning, chances are, she will end the date right there and then, because they usually will feel uncomfortable and upset. 

So in order that you can get through her personal space, you need again, to let her feel very calm and comfortable.

Just begin by gradually getting closer. You can sit next to her, talk and just gently touch her casually, not making a big deal of it. Your objective is to get you both slowly to the idea of touching and that it is ok.  

7.    Touch and flirt.  Touch is the foundation of flirting! As you both talk, and you see her already ok with the “touch” issue, continue on touching and caressing her.  Find opportunities for touch.  For instance, pat her on the shoulder or stroke her hair or should you see some eyelash or dirt on her cheek, brush it gently away. This way, she will feel more comfortable with you.

8.    Privacy is essential. Guys often make the mistake of trying to kiss a girl in the inappropriate place. Keep in mind that for girls, a first kiss must really be special and they want to share this special moment only with you.

So anytime that you feel the timing is right, and if you both are in a crowded place, be sensitive enough to take her privately in a room or to an entirely more personal, memorable and different location.

9.    Be sensitive to her reactions. When you believe and feel that the time or instant is right, then you can reach over then touch gently her hair as you comment how soft it looks and feels.

If she gives you a smile, then reach over again and stroke it once more, this time shifting your glance to her eyes and lips several times over.

If she allows you to keep on touching gently her hair, then it is a sign that she is now ready and waiting for you to kiss her.

10.    Kiss gently and continue on touching.  Remember, this is your first time to kiss, so be gentle and never overdo it.  And keep in mind, girls appreciate it when they are caressed while being kissed. 

Feel the kiss and let your instinct guide you.  You will never go wrong. Meetville

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