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How to Kiss in 8 Easy Steps


1. Timing – Even if you do master the physical subtleties of kissing. The real ingredient to making that first smooch count is timing. And, as in many other fields of expertise, in kissing, timing is everything.

Find a time when you are both comfortable. It should be an ambience and mood that is private and relaxed. If you are on a date, you should know when the times you are

2. Building the Expectation – As said earlier you don’t just start kissing out of the blue – at least most of the time. Rushing the issue could result in your evening ending early, or in you getting a violent reaction from your partner.
And if that were not bad enough, imagine the fallout you are sure to experience the next day – endless days of people snickering behind your back are only the beginning!

What this means is that you should start with, let us say a simple touch to elbow, or a hand on the shoulder. From here you can work towards greater things – an arm around the shoulder and steady closing of the gap.

You have to make sure however, that your partner is comfortable with the contact. You don’t want to invade her comfort zone all of a sudden. Go slow and help your partner become comfortable with you.

This is true even if your partner is your wife or girlfriend. Building tension and expectation makes the kiss more exciting since they are steadily anticipating and longing for it!

3. Watch Your Partner’s Expression – This takes a lot of practice. It is almost as if you are being asked to read your partners body language. But this is really important if you want to make your kissing skills top notch.

Watch her body language for signs of discomfort or displeasure. Look carefully at the person’s eyes, you will usually know whether you are doing the right thing or not. If they seem to be relaxed and expectant, then you are doing the right thing.

4. Closing the Gap – A little more body language lesson here. Every person has varying ‘areas,’ so to speak of. These areas tell you how comfortable the person is with you. You goal now is to try to get to the intimate area – which will be explained in a while.

There are areas that you subconsciously allow people to approach depending on their relation to you. First, there is the public area, which is pretty much the span of a large auditorium. You allow most people in this area no matter what their relation to you.

There is a stranger area, which is the amount of space you put between you and a stranger. This is usually two to three meters away from your body.

Closest to a person is the intimate area which is a few feet from a person. This is where you want to be. Just make sure you hurdle all the other steps one at a time. Make sure that the person is comfortable as you enter closer areas.

You yourself may feel awkward having your partner in that intimate space. But with a little coaxing and good rapport, you can get into this area and be intimate with a person.

5. Know Your Kiss – A kiss is also an expression of what you are thinking. You should choose the right kiss for the right occasion. For example if you are in a very sweet mood, you may want to give you person a sweet kiss on the cheeks or a sweet kiss on the lips – nothing to torrid to spoil the mood.

During sad times you may want to give a kiss that expresses longing and – yes, sadness. A long, sustained, yet tender kiss will do the trick. The trick is to find out which kiss is appropriate for what time. Most of this is intuitive, but never leave things to chance.

Just imagine your lips as tools to convey a message – whatever that message may be.

6. Don’t Stare – Nothing turns off a partner more that people who stare while kissing. Not only is it rude, it give one the impression that he or she is detached from the action and is trying to view the process from a third-person point of view.

Close your eyes when doing the act, this makes it a lot sweeter and makes the person feel the sincerity of the kiss.

7. Be Relax yet Deliberate – If you are not relaxed when you are kissing someone, you run the risk of accidentally hurting your partner by accidentally biting, or banging teeth with your partner. While nerves are naturally part of something such as kissing, you should at least be able to execute calmly and deliberately.

Treat your partner’s lips or cheek as something precious, yet tender. Don’t try to savage the area by giving awkward, tense and rough kissing. Go slow, with a tender massaging action. That is a good way to start – and a good way to make sure you don’t turn your partner off by being too overeager.

8. It Is Not Only the Lips that Do the Kissing. – Contrary to what some people may think, good kissing is not only physical, as in with the lips. It is emotional and mental as illustrated in the preceding advice.

And even physically, good kissing is not only reliant on good lip technique. You body language matters too. Make sure you make appropriate body contact while kissing: hold hands, cradle the person’s face, or embrace each other.

This helps make the kiss a whole-body experience and not a disparate physical exchange only between lips.

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First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

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