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Become a Better Kisser Today


If you have been teased one too many times about how you kiss then you are in good company. Not too many people are born Cassanovas, and those that are come to be where they are through practice and hard work (!).

If you are looking for a way to improve your kissing skills single ladies, then you will need to learn what people like and dislike in kissers. Given that, here are a few ways to surprise your date or your partner with some new found confidence in your puckering skills.

To tackle the problem, the first thing to look at are top turn offs during kissing. These are the habits and mannerisms that people really dislike in a kisser.
Learning about these turn offs help those looking to be better at the art. You will never have to be teased about your kissing anymore!

1. No Staring! - Nothing turns off a partner more than people who stare while kissing. Not only is it rude, it gives one the impression that he or she is detached from the action and is trying to view the process from a third-person point of view.

Close your eyes when doing the act, this makes it a lot sweeter and makes the person feel the sincerity of the kiss. And in this business, sincerity is everything. Remember the movie Back to the Future where Marty’s mom kisses him (because she didn’t know he was her son) and blurts out, ‘It’s like kissing my brother?

Well, that is the same case here. People know what you are thinking when you are kissing, so you have to get your thoughts in order before getting it on. If you are thinking, ‘Wow, let’s have a look at what I’m doing,’ you will and your partner will, catch you staring. So think other happy thoughts while kissing.

If you must stare or at least keep your eyes open, then do so before the kiss. A longing, passionate look will enhance the experience. But as soon as those lips lock, keep those peepers shut.

2. Keep off the Garlic! – Possibly the greatest turn off ever. Only true and everlasting love can bail you out of this one. Before every and any opportunity to be with your loved one, keep those breath mints handy.

And, for mercy’s sake, don’t go on a garlic eating spree before a big date – stay away from burritos for that matter. You will want to keep your breath as fresh as a baby’s during the whole of the night. Get a good helping of lip balm if your lips are chapped too.

3. Overeagerness Spoils the Mood – At the first opportunity to kiss, some proceed to ravish their partners lips thinking they are doing them a favor. Unfortunately for these eager beavers, they only end up exasperating their dates, turning them off.

During a kiss, nothing is better than a deliberate, calm, and passionate demeanor - nothing too fancy, and nothing too terse. Keep away from any untoward action that may arouse suspicion, alarm or any other undesirable feelings in your partner.

You will want to keep your partner calm, relaxed and comfortable during the act itself, so you will have to exude a comforting aura to get your partner in the mood.

4. Drooling, Biting and other No, Nos Meetville Dating Site – Yes, you are tense. Yes, you are nervous. But that doesn’t mean your partner will let you off easy if you accidentally bite them, step on their feet, or bang teeth.

As mentioned earlier, a calm and deliberate demeanor will save you from committing many of these mistakes. Having this kind of demeanor will save your skin even if these accidents DO happen. Just keep your calm, smile your way out of the miscue and continue the action.

5. Lips Only? Good kissing is not only reliant on good lip technique. You body language matters too. Make sure you make appropriate body contact while kissing: hold hands, cradle the person’s face, or embrace each other tenderly.

This makes the kiss much more memorable. And, of course, it helps make your partner look forward to the next time you get some private time to be intimate.

Kissing tips and advice for your first kiss

First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

The top 10 kissing tips you can start using today

Believe it or not, how you kiss on that specific moment that you lean over your date could very well dictate just how you and your partner would get to spend the night, together or not together. 

How to Kiss on a First Date

Imagine going on a first date and having a great time at the movies or during dinner. After all the fun and niceties, you may come across a point in time that necessitates a punctuation mark – a sort of closure to the evening, a mark to show that the night was great and that you should see each other more often.

The top 10 french kissing techniques

Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking.

Understanding The Art Of Kissing

People generally react to their thoughts by smiling and express their love by way of sweet words and their intentions by kissing, says a psychology expert. A kiss in fact, can impart and mean a lot of things that are usually hard to express with words.

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