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These Good Kissing Techniques


As people often say, kissing is an art best learned through experience. No matter how many pages of Kissing 101 articles you read, you’ll never know if you’re improving or not until you try them out.

Kisses are in the Taste of the Beholder.

Kisses are dependent on the taste and preferences of the kissing couple. Some guys want to start gently and slowly, with lots of foreplay, while others prefer rough play. Although there are several rules on kissing etiquette that you must observe, you should always to kiss other people the way you feel comfortable with. Don’t continue using kissing techniques that you don’t really
feel in accord with. If you do, your discomfort will communicate itself with your partner and he or she will end up feeling uncomfortable, awkward and unsatisfied. As wise people are wont to say, be yourself!

Foreplay before Foreplay
Many people consider kissing as foreplay for the act of intimacy itself. But do you know that there is also foreplay for kissing? If your partners and dates have been complaining about how too fast you are when it comes to kissing, maybe it’s time to start listening and reflecting on what they say. Although displays of affection can be sometimes spontaneous, there are still appropriate times and places for kissing. If you happen to like kissing your date just twenty minutes after first meeting them, you are most probably faster than the average human being.

People generally like being wooed before they let others invade their personal space. You have to be able to judge a person’s character accurately in order to determine whether your date will welcome your advances or not and when it’s the right time to have a smooch.

Saying the Right Words
Sometimes, you have to set the right tone, mood and atmosphere to be able to enjoy a spectacular kiss with your partner. If you’re not that good with words, you better start taking lessons on self-expression because eloquence often wins the games. Some people enjoy lighthearted banter before kissing while others look for passionate avowals of love. A few perhaps are titillated with a mild threat or two.

Whichever, you and your partner are sure to enjoy kissing more if you know the right words to say.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
This particular technique will also bring a new spark to a dying romance. If things seem to be boring between you and your partner, so much so that your partner is able to completely anticipate your every move, maybe it’s time to let him or her hunger a little for your touch. When it’s time to kiss and play, try kissing each and every part of your partner’s face – everything but the lips. Savor each part, linger a moment or two and be as sensually provocative as you can be. As the seconds pass, your partner will hunger so much for your kiss until he or she will be the one to pull you towards their lips. Mission accomplished!

Trying it Spiderman-Style
Maybe, all your kissing needs are a little variety. So if kissing upside-down works to make a couple in Orange County reunite and of course, for Peter Parker and Mary Jane to become more in love with each other, why not try it out for yourself as well?

But don’t limit your kissing styles to upside down techniques as there are other positions to explore. Try angling the head of your partner as well as yours until one is leaning to the right while the other is leaning to the left. This will allow your tongues to explore each other more fully.

Let the Noses Touch
It’s not only lips that can do the kissing. If we were to base it on Eskimos, our noses can kiss just as well as our lips – maybe even better. Eskimo kisses can be fun or extremely tender. The idea is to let your noses touch and rub together. It’s the only way Eskimos can kiss because only their noses are usually left bare by their clothing. Most of their faces are covered to protect it from frostbite. If one of you starts laughing while doing this, the mood’s ruined. But if no one does, you’ve got yourself another winning kiss!

And one last tip before we go – never give up! Kiss as many and as long as you can until people start calling you an expert. Happy kissing!

Kissing tips and advice for your first kiss

First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

The top 10 kissing tips you can start using today

Believe it or not, how you kiss on that specific moment that you lean over your date could very well dictate just how you and your partner would get to spend the night, together or not together. 

How to Kiss on a First Date

Imagine going on a first date and having a great time at the movies or during dinner. After all the fun and niceties, you may come across a point in time that necessitates a punctuation mark – a sort of closure to the evening, a mark to show that the night was great and that you should see each other more often.

The Top 10 french kissing techniques

Believe it or not, this kiss is the mother of all kisses.  It is also one of the most famous  and popular kiss.  Why?  Because it feels so friggin good.  This kiss basically involves letting you and your partner’s tongue touch each other and letting both your mouths do the walking.

Hot Kissing Tips for a Breathtaking and Pulse-Racing Kiss

While tender kisses are incredibly romantic, sometimes, we dream of sizzling passion and incredible excitement for our lives and those are the moments when we yearn for scorching hot kisses.

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