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Kissing Tips and Advice for Your First Kiss


First things first, what is kissing?  Kissing is more than an exchange of bodily fluids, it is more than a lip lock, it is more than giving delirious, eye-rolling sensation.  Primarily, kissing is an act and an expression of love between two consenting individuals. 

So how should one kiss when you do not know how?  The ideal thing to do is to go with the flow, but if you are to hung-up to thinking if you are doing it right and are too conscious to really let your emotions get the better of you (literally) the following are basic tips and advice on how to kiss.

Have a relationship

Or at least, be comfortable with your partner before you engage in kissing.  A special kiss and a perfect one is done with the person you care for, and vice versa. It is advisable that you get to have more than one date with  that person in order to establish a level of intimacy. 

First kisses usually last in the long term when they are given later on in the relationship or after a few dates or so.  Not that it is bad, but first kisses would be better given not on first dates, but be reserved later on in the relationship.

Have a good breath

A great kiss is one that is given with the conditions present:  a good breath.  Teeth should be brushed, the mouth gargled with mouthwash.  Kissing a bad-breathed person is worse than kissing no one at all.  Prefer the latter if your partner is the former. 

Have a portable mint on hand.  This is useful especially on occasions when you and your partner are on a dinner and kissing is to follow eventually after.  Make sure though that you chew the mint not right before you are to kiss.  Kissing with a candy in the mouth is uncomfortable.

Have wet lips

Why?  Because it is easier to lock lips and smooch when there is moisture present to guide you and your partner throughout the process.  Let your tongue glide and slide on your lips before kissing.  As much as possible, avoid having to wear any type of lip gloss as this makes the lips gooey.  Lipstick should also be avoided, unless you would like your partner to wear the same type of lipstick you would wear.

Be close to your partner

Simply put, how could you kiss when you are meters apart from each other?  Move close together.  Position your lips to your partner’s mouth, you could tilt your head too, or let your partner do that.  Relax and do not worry whose lips should move or whose head should tilt.  Let the kiss lead you and everything will fall into place. 

Close your eyes

Believe it or not, the sensation of kissing is best felt with the eyes closed.  Although there are those who prefer to have their eyes open when kissing.  This has been said to enhance one’s erotic pleasures.  However, you know what you want.  You may also have an idea on what your partner wants.  It is important that both partners do what each one likes and wants.

Open your lips

Now let your mouth do the talking.  Better yet, do not talk.  Just let your mouth open over the lips of your partner.  Do not be afraid to breathe, you can do so through the nose, then as both lips meet press them gently over each other. Let your lips move slowly.  Or lips could be closed too. 

This kind of kiss is best not just for your aunt or grandmother, it is also a good kiss for those who are nervous on their first date.  It is a nice kiss when you want to say hello or when you want to say goodbye.  It is also a good kiss to give when you want to be polite. 

All in all, a kiss is a kiss is a kiss. Basically, the best kind of kiss is given when one is in a relaxed mode.  The best kiss is also given and received  in a mutually sincere manner. 

It is easy, really, if you just put your mind and heart to it.  It should not be complicated at all.  Don’t let it.

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